BPR-Consulting was founded in 1998 as a family business. At the beginning our main activity was management consulting only. We established a wide networking system in different sectors (construction, vehicle trade (heavy machines), security, IT, GSM and cable TV providers, military and other governmental institutions etc.).

We always keep in mind the customer’s interest, which is always in the focus of our tailor-made services. This helped us to build a stable customer base. We are proud of the fact that we built trust relationships with the majority of our customers over the years.

Our main advantages are:

  • Fast response, quick reaction time
  • Creativity
  • Wide networking
  • International experience in engineering, trade and legal background
  • Highly motivated and educated staff of experts
  • Experience in engineering, economics, consultancy, manufacturing, legal backgrounds

This advantage is maximized, as we can respond flexibly and quickly to emerging needs even with non-standard circumstances and conditions. When no other companies left to solve our customer’s issue, that is our case. Thanks to our decades of experience and our domestic and international connections, we are able to deliver solutions in the most varied areas, with attractive individual conditions and competitive prices.

Our company has a NATO NCAGE code as well as we used to have military license for manufacturing and foreign trade, as our business also affected this special segment.

We now have six main divisions:

  • Management Consulting Division
  • Simulator Division (aircraft, helicopter, ship, air traffic control)
  • Aviation Division
  • Industrial and Trade Division
  • Rental Division (motorbikes, heavy machines, cars, vans)
  • Maritime Division

BPR-Consulting was a reliable partner for one of the world’s largest network operator company of UPC during the network building activity in Hungary, we manufactured the UPC cable TV main distribution boxes, the cable channel network covers. We also delivered high-voltage spacers to MAVIR, and we were involved in the construction of Westel (T-Mobil) radiotelephone (GSM) towers.

One of the founders of the company was István Vajda, a research engineer, who had several patents in the field of explosion-proof luminaires. Our company produced the sockets of the bullet- and explosion-proof lamps in Hungary used at oil refineries and dangerous security areas of mines and industrial facilities, what was distributed by SIEMENS as well.

At the end of the 1990s, we had a chance to work in our hobby activity, the aviation business. With a few skips, we have been in contact with aviation and sport flights since 1984. In the economic boom we decided to buy our own airplanes to make commercial flights (taxi, training and sightseeing flights). We have received the first air operator license in this segment in Hungary from Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) with the number of H-1001.Within a couple of years we made the sightseeing flights at major international military air shows in Hungary (Kecskemét, Szentkirályszabadja). To meet growing demands, we have also purchased an AN-2 aircraft, one of the best equipped aircrafts in the world of its class, and VIP design as well as parachute jumps.

According to the very good professional relationship with the Siófok-Kiliti Airport’s management, when LRI company was divided to 2 different companies (Budapest Airport for airport operation and Hungarocontrol for air traffic control), we got an opportunity from Budapest Airport to make the airport air traffic control. We could set up the service which is the most precise and strictly ruled activity with increased bureaucracy within 3 months, and could get the license from the CAA. We made this activity until airport was closed and sold. We were the strategic partner for years of Budapest Airport Plc., the operator of the most important airport (Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport, former Ferihegy Airport) in Hungary.

At this time Szentkirályszabadja Military Airport and Taszár Military Airport were extremely active,  US Air Force were flying frequently. As the responsible person for Siófok-Kiliti Internationhal Airport’s control, we participated on the negotiations with Ministry of Defense on behalf of Budapest Airport about the airspace management very often.

MoD was satisfied with the quality of our activity and our strict training system, therefore we were asked to develop a training program for the NATO ISAF mission in Afghanistan together with National Defense University. We were the general contractor for this activity. Our program was achieved international success and also become part of the general military air traffic control training.

Later we started to deal with airplane simulators after we surveyed the domestic pilot training needs, where we have also had some great successes. We now own and export our own airplane and helicopter simulators. We manufactured the first domestic helicopter simulator winning an international public procurement tender for the Hungarian Air Force.

Our crew are internationally reputed experts, we built e.g. Boeing 737 NG simulator, and our experts also participated in international projects about Airbus A320 simulator’s subsystems development process. Our colleague won several times international awards for scenery design too.  

Nowadays, not only the Hungarian, but also the Slovak pilots have flight trainings on simulators, what was sold by us, we are also market leaders in Slovakia